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H&S Wealth Management


H&S Wealth Management professionals are independent registered representatives. Securities and advisory services are offered through McDermott Investment Services, LLC, Inc., member FINRA and SIPC, a registered investment advisor. 

Asset allocation software may be used to help determine the levels of risk and reward for an investment portfolio. Investment advice offered is relative to equities, corporate bonds, bank deposits, municipal securities, federal government securities, mutual funds, variable annuities, variable life insurance and alternative investments. Non-securities advice is offered relative to estate planning strategies, retirement planning strategies, life insurance, annuity contracts and long-term care insurance.

Economic conditions, political conditions, historical data, price/earnings ratios, dividends, interest rates, management and taxes are all considered when analyzing investments. Sources used include corporate rating services, research and annual reports, industry periodicals, prospectuses, private placement memoranda and regulatory filings.