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Bob Horning

Bob Horning

Registered Representative and Investment Advisor Representative

Bob Horning was born and raised in the great state of Tennessee. As an undergraduate student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Bob received honors including Torchbearer and Phi Beta Kappa, and went on to earn his master’s degree at the same institution. A licensed securities broker and insurance agent, Bob has been involved with the co-owned real estate industry (Tenant In Common and Delaware Statutory Trust) from its inception in 1994. He is a specialist in tax advantaged investments, a member of the Real Estate Investment Securities Association (REISA), and a frequent speaker and author on investments, income tax and capital gains tax planning. Under the aegis of H&S Wealth Management, Bob’s focus is on putting assets to work for retirement income and risk management. In addition to retirement plans and annuities, Bob concentrates on alternative investments, primarily real estate. He is a Registered Representative of McDermott Investment Services, LLC, and lives in West Los Angeles.